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For Immediate Release -- May 18, 2006

Improved 75 Function Excel add-in Released by InfoTech Marketing

Littleton, CO -- May 18, 2006 -- InfoTech Marketing today announced the release of a new version of Exel-lent Marketing Formulas, its Microsoft Excel add-in for marketing and sales professionals. The new version expands to 75 the software's functions and macros. A new GUI allows users to simply pick their function and then fill-in-the-blanks with the needed parameters. This convenience enables users to maximize their sales and marketing efficiency and productivity.

"We've greatly expanded Exel-lent Marketing Formula's forecasting, channels, and utilities functionality," according to Tim Walters, President of InfoTech Marketing. "We've packed the software with just about every formula and function we can find for sales and marketing pros, plus useful general utilities."

The software inserts a toolbar into the user's Excel screen and a Help system menu. The Help system not only provides technical details on each function, but also serves as a quantitative marketing primer. A 109-page printable or online accessible Userís Guide also comes with the software.

Available now, Exel-lent Marketing Formulas version 2 can be downloaded through the companyís Web site at www.infotechmarketing.net/Exel-lent Marketing Formulas.htm. Buyers can purchase a single-user license for $29.95. Exel-lent Marketing Formulas also comes in a 30-day trial version.

InfoTech Marketing is a Littleton, CO based marketing consulting company focusing on application of information and new technologies to marketing.

For More Information, Call:
Tim Walters -- (720) 732-4588